17 Dec 2012

The Christmas Glow of Fashion

The Christmas season is upon us, and it's finally time to dress up in our reindeer jumpers and sparkly dresses to celebrate this marvelous time!

I especially love this time of year because of all the beautiful palettes of colour in the shops. I don't think there's another season with quite as much sparkle as Christmas, so the urge to go wild with clothes is almost irresistible! 

Topshop's Christmas collection 2010
However, the best part of the Christmas season is how you can reuse the same outfits from previous years and still have that "Christmas Glow"! Take this outfit from TopShop's 2010 Christmas collection, the pretty lilac shade really emphasises the tones of the model's skin, and is the perfect length and style to have a good ol' dance. It's pretty much the perfect party dress, and with a pair of heels and clutch, you'd definitely turn some heads!

The pastel shades of sky blues and misty lilacs really are top on trend right now, this Oscar de la Renta dress from his 2012-2013 collection is the perfect style for almost every figure out there, and the colour will make the phrase "winter blues" a wannabe look!

So whatever you're doing this Christmas, enjoy it. Don't forget to put your feet up with a cup of hot chocolate, and have a brilliant time! Remember to get ready for those Boxing Day sales though!!!!!

Have a lovely Christmas!

Beacoup d'amour,

Meg xx

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